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AWY: Class availability for next week

AWY: Class availability for next week

Namaste lovely yogis My maternity cover has a started, so I wish you all the very best both on and off your yoga mat, til i see you all again this October. I’m leaving you in gorgeous hands of the 4 teachers who are covering my leave… This coming […]

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Teacher Biogs: for Adele’s maternity leave…

Teacher Biogs: for Adele's maternity leave...

Namaste dearest yogis and yoginis Here is a little biog on each of the wonderful teachers who are covering our yoga classes whilst I’m on Maternity leave. There’s also no changes to the venue, times of class, or the way you book on. Namaste, Adele xx NB If you […]

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  • Yoga is a practical system in disciplining and correcting the errors in the body and mind. When these errors are corrected, then yoga becomes a way to understand oneself Swami Satyananda Saraswati