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Background – the facts

Physical activity levels are low in the UK: only 40% of men and 28% of women meet the minimum recommendations for physical activity in adults. Health and fitness levels decline rapidly with increasing age and in the UK only 17% of men and 13% of women aged 65-74 are physically active. Increasing your health and fitness levels will contribute to the prevention and management of many common health conditions and diseases. For a detailed list of these benefits visit the Benefits of Yoga tab.

Through Yoga you can reap the benefits from a physical, mental and also pranic (energy) level. In addition, the low impact nature of Yoga means that you can develop your
health, fitness and wellbeing in a safe and rejuvenating way.

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  • Yoga is not an ancient myth buried in oblivion. It is the most valuable inheritance of the present. It is the essential need of today and the culture of tomorrow Swami Satyananda Saraswati