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2hr Yoga Inversions workshop: for beginners

2hr Yoga Inversions workshop: for beginners

Hello dearest yogis and yoginis
I have some spaces left for a Yoga workshop coming up on Saturday 19th January
 at The Tower House Hotel, Halifax and invite you to think about coming along?

What’s is about?
The workshop is centred on ‘Inversions‘ an area of yoga which is abundant with benefits, both physical and mental. If you want to improve mental function, memory, concentration, or maybe boost your immunity and prevent illness, give a good boost to your circulation, or maybe just have some fun getting upside down?! We’ll go into detail on the benefits, but I hope to have whet your inversion appetite with this little summary!

This workshop is for EVERYONE
The word ‘inversions’ can be scary to some, but it really needn’t be and is accessible to all. Whether you have a fear of going upside down (don’t worry that most of us!), maybe you feel you’re not flexible, you could be a beginner to yoga or been practicing for years – inversions can be enjoyed by you with the right teaching. My teaching style is to make yoga inclusive to everyone, to help you develop your practice and inspire you through yogic teachings and safe techniques.

What to expect?
Within the 2hrs, we will enjoy an open discussion about the benefits of inversions, as there’s an incredible array of perks to getting upside down on a regular basis. It’s very much an interactive learning workshop (hence the name deep dive where we dive right on in to the subject area from all angles) which will take you through many inversion options. Remember that an inversion is anything where you heart is above your head, so a simple forward fold, or even a bridge pose is an inversion. We’ll build up the skill level and ability level of the inversions, to ensure we meet you where you’re at. I’ll teach you interesting and safe techniques to practice the inversions in class and at home. You’ll leave with a practice that’s tailored to you, and importantly you’ll have the understanding of where to take your inversions next and what to work towards.

Contraindications to getting inverted
I’d advise not to practice inversions or attend this workshop of you suffer from any of the following:

  • A serious neck or shoulder injury

  • High blood pressure not regulated by medication

  • Eye issues such as glaucoma, detached retina

  • If you’re female and on your menstrual cycle, it’s advised not to get inverted

To Book on…
Book on through my website here: or for a direct link to the booking system click here:  It’s £30 for the 2hr session, and you’ll need to bring your mat and a small towel. Wear comfy clothing that you can move freely in, and aim to have a light lunch given this is an early afternoon session.

See you there,  Much love, Adele xx


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