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Adele Wills Yoga goes ONLINE with ZOOM 

throughout the Corona Virus period. 

Let’s bring the yoga to you. 

With all venues being cancelled, Adele can now offer you Yoga remotely, so that you can continue to follow her teaching from the comfort of your home. (See online yoga schedule at the bottom of this post for a quick reference.) The online schedule will start from 23rd March, and it’s already on the booking system for you to book!

At a time of extreme challenge for our community and country, any tools and techniques to help us reduce stress, calm anxieties, connect in and stay grounded can be welcomed. The practice will always include: grounding/settling, breathwork, holistic practice for the body and a deep relaxation with Yoga Nidra to close. 

Coming soon to the online schedule will be ‘Kids Yoga’, a fun practice for all the family – watch this space and message me with interest.

ZOOM is a cloud-based technology system. This means you don’t have to download anything, you don’t have to store videos anywhere, it’s all held in the fabulous ether and you simply enjoy viewing it from your device. You can enjoy Adele’s Online Yoga sessions in 2 ways:


– Click this link: copy and paste it into your internet browser.

– Click the “Book Now!” button to go to the booking system. You can then select which session(s) you’d like, and make the standard payment of £5.00.

– Once you’ve booked and paid, you will receive a link and password sent to your email address.  On the day of the session, just click the link, use the password and voila, you’re in the LIVE session with Adele.  You can then follow the yoga along with Adele just as though you were in her class environment. 

– You’ll be automatically ‘muted’ on the system, so other participants will not be able to hear any noise you make (handy huh!). The main view on the screen will be on your teacher Adele, not you, and so you’ll be able to focus on your own practice, be guided in and out of the breath, asana and relaxation by Adele, just as it would be in a class.

– Check out the hints and tips section on setting up your device and your personal yoga space to optimise your experience – this will be important if you’re to get what you need from this system.


If you would like to join the yoga session, but the time doesn’t quite suit you, or you miss it for whatever reason, you can access the recorded session on catch-up and access the content when it is more convenient. You’ll be able to view the full session within 24hrs of the yoga going live – no download needed, no storage needed.

– Follow the same steps for joining a live session to book and pay for the session.

– You will receive a link sent to your email address after the session has been completed.

– You click on the  link to access the recorded session, it expires from the cloud after 24hrs.


– Zoom is an online platform that requires you to have a device, which has a camera and a microphone (which most devices have already). Ideally a decent sized screen such as a laptop or ipad works well. A phone will work too but with a more limited view. 

– Before you book your yoga session, help it flow easily by registering with ZOOM for free at:

– Once registered and in your free zone, you can  test your device. It’s super easy to check your device as they have a ‘video and audio checker’ that is really helpful.

– Once you’re registered and you know you can see and hear content, you’re ready for all online sessions that are posted. It’s just a case of clicking the link you’re emailed, adding the password and that’s it – you’re in.


– One of the benefits of attending an external venue is you’re able to lessen distractions and drop into your practice more easily. Consider how to create a similar sacred space within your own home. You don’t need much space, just enough for your mat. Ask others in your household to try to give you this 1 hour just for you, your time, your sacred hour to nourish you. Clear the clutter around you, simplify the space as best as you can. Add 1 or 2 items that help you to feel calm and at ease – it might be a small vase of flowers or a picture of a peaceful sunset. You might spray some pillow mist, light a candle, put your favourite oil into your diffuser – it really can be anything at all that helps you to create a yoga ritual of self-care and calm.

– Wear comfy clothes that you can move freely in.

– Have props to hand, but just the ones you need. This might be a cushion or a rolled-up towel, a blanket, a block. These are all optional, but again bring to your practice those items that enhance your experience.

– Have a glass of water to hand, either for during practice or for the end when you come around gently from relaxation.

– Practice, practice, practice all is coming – the wise words from Sri Pattabhi Jois. A regular practice is what will bring calm in these challenging times. Maintain a regular practice, and let the yoga come in.  


This practice is suitable for all, let it meet you where you’re at. Have no expectation of yourself or of the teachings. Let yourself learn how to feel and not think as Adele guides you into the practice. Take the teachings and invitations if they feel good – leave the ones that don’t feel good. You let the yoga mould around you – for  you are wonderful JUST AS YOU ARE.  

With love now and always, your teacher Adele xx

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