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Classes over the Christmas period – update

Classes over the Christmas period - update

Hello and a very merry Christmas to all you lovely yogis out there! :)

It’s less than 10 days til Christmas, and I am so excited to be celebrating the festive season and the new year, with 2013 being my first year as a full time yogi! For many it’ll be a case of a New year and a New start – maybe my yoga classes will feature in your new years resolutions!?!? :)

With Christmas and New Year parties, and many of us having family and friends with us over Christmas, some of the Yoga classes I run will be on hold until the New Year. Below is an update of what will and won’t be running in this period:

Class updates

*  Christmas eve – NO CLASSES RUNNING
*  Christmas day- NO CLASSES RUNNING
*  Thursday 27th December – NO CLASSES RUNNING
*  Friday 28th December – NO CLASSES RUNNING
*  New years eve- NO CLASSES RUNNING
*  New years day- NO CLASSES RUNNING
*  Thursday 3rd January – HATHA YOGA RUNNING AT 7PM
From New Years day onwards all the classes will resume as ususal, starting with Hatha Yoga on Thursday 3rd January.

Other changes
Please note that I am taking the Friday Light Yoga from 1-2pm c lass out of the timetable due to poor attendance. This will take effect from 1st Jauary 2013. 

All that leaves me to say is have a wonderful, merry, joy-filled Christmas.

Love and best wishes.

Namaste, Adele x


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