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FREE – Pyjama Yoga Nidra – Sunday 5th April 9.30-10pm

FREE - Pyjama Yoga Nidra - Sunday 5th April 9.30-10pm

Namaste dear friends of yoga,
This is a FREE event from me to you, a Yoga Nidra which is a deep relaxation, intentionally held late in the night so that you can drift into a sweet sleep. Yoga Nidra translates to yogic Sleep, and you’ll either sleep or you’ll enjoy a deep rest, a win-win for mind and body together.

This practice can be done in your pyjamas, you can listen whilst you’re tucked up cosy in bed, you can be any way you want to be. I will be offering a live Yoga Nidra this sunday 5th April 9.30pm – 10.00pm as a gift from me to you. In these times of challenge where our minds are even more busy and full of distractions, these rests are needed, really needed.

So to book your place on this free session follow these steps:
1. Go to the booking section of my website and here click the ‘book now’ button:
2. This will take you to my booking system, here select the FREE PYJAMA YOGA NIDRA session, no payment will be taken
3. Then on the afternoon of the session, Sunday 5th april, you’ll receive your link and password for the evenings nidra
4. Log on through the link on the night of the nidra, and simply enjoy, no effort needed, let the good stuff come in xx

I look forward to sharing this with you, much love, Adele xx
Oh and please check out my Hatha Yoga sessions which run 3 times a week, and Pregnancy Yoga once a week too. All welcome xx

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