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Heads up… a new venue for Monday classes

Heads up... a new venue for Monday classes

Namaste yogis and yoginis

A few updates in the run up to me returning to class…

New Venue for Monday sessions (effective from 17th October)

I’m very excited to share a new venue for the Monday classes – Sacred Hearts church hall at Bolton Brow. Here’s the info:

  • It’s a lovely size room, which means I can offer online bookings AND drop-in as an option (I know this will make some of you very happy as pre-booking doesn’t work for all) More detail on the drop-in option to follow

  • It’s less than 5mins from Crossleys, and is before the traffic of sowerby bridge so you won’t get stuck on route to class

  • It has ample free parking on site and additional on roadside

  • NB I can’t move all my classes here, so this is for Mondays classes only (pregnancy and hatha)

My return to teaching

A few of you have been enquiring about my return date – it’ll be on Monday 17th October, where I’ll start the classes at the new venue as above.

Natalie will be teaching Hatha on Thurs 20th October, and from 24th October onwards I’ll be teaching all sessions at both venues. If you’re interested in me restarting Tuesday eve Hatha classes please get in touch and let me know as I’ll need a minimum of 10 to get that class restarted.

New for 2017

I’m planning on the following which will either be classes or workshops/courses:
– Restorative yoga (deeply rejuvenating yoga involving lots of yin, nidra and de-stressing asana release work)
– Womb yoga (for ladies at any stage of your life cycle, following our unique rhythm, deeply nurturing)
– Mum and Baby yoga courses
– Hypnobirthing courses
– Hatha Plus – this will be resurrected as was popular in 2016

That’s all for now, namaste, love and light,
Adele xx


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