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Namaste my dear friends,

How are you? How are you really? It’s all still quite odd and unusual isn’t it, sprinkled with highs lows and everything in between!

I am still here, still practicing yoga (oh how I love to be the student) as well as teaching yoga (hurrah) and sharing the goodness.

I am more in love with and grateful for yoga that ever before, as it brings what is needed each day.

For you, you might practice a little, a lot, maybe you haven’t practiced in a while… all is OK and the yoga is and will always be there for you when you are ready.

Latest Schedule
So as a reminder of my sessions, here’s my latest schedule. Delivered with love each wonderfully varied week that comes in, passes by and sees us through these unusual times:
AWY zoom yoga

The variety of classes is wonderful. Hatha is very hoslitic and for all. Rise & Shine is wonderfully energising and vitality boosting. Yin (which by the way is on this Sunday) is deeply restorative and restful. Try them out, you are very very welcome.

Class pass offer
I have an ongoing offer on my online sessions which is £45 for a 10-class-pass, this can be purchased on the booking system here (scroll down to class passes): and you can use the 10 credits across any variety of classes. It makes each hourly yoga practice plus catchup video £4.50, yoga has never been so accessible 🙂

How long will we be online?
Forever more in some way. I’ll be maintaining at least 1 online session a week as it works so well for many of you. The face to face practice won’t resume til at least September but may be January 2021 – I am going with the flow but not rushing. I won’t be doing yoga with masks thats for sure.

Feel free to be in touch with me about your practice, with any questions, and concerns, anything at all. Have a great week.
Much love, Adele xx


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