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Narayani Workshop – Cheshire – 12th May 2013

Narayani Workshop - Cheshire - 12th May 2013
Would you like to deepen your connection to your voice with Narayani?
Pure Yoga in Cheshire are running a workshop that will do exactly that. It will offer you an experience of your voice, your unique expression, and sense of connection to a greater whole. Connect the outer voice to the inner ‘voice’ of intuition, wisdom, peace and centredness through ‘yoga for the voice’.
Narayani combines chanting, mantras, sound and song in a way that will both support and expand you. The practices she offers will bring out new voices and emotions. Singing and sounding in this way can lead to a sense of lightness, clarity- and often a new kind of s…tillness.
The workshop will be safe and fun for people with no previous singing experience and rich enough to inspire and challenge those who have been practicing regularly.
Cost of the workshop: £30
Cost of the workshop plus evening Kirtan: £35
Deposit required to secure your space. Pure Yoga will require a deposit to be paid by cheque or bank transfer, contact them for more details via FB or email them at
Namaste, Adele x

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