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Background – the facts

Yoga for pregnancy is an ideal exercise for mums-to-be. It is widely recommended by midwives and doctors to expectant mothers as a way of keeping fit, mobile and connected with your baby. Adele has been trained in pregnancy yoga by the well-known pregnancy and birth specialist, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli who is internationally recognised. The classes are gentle, warm and caring to ensure you’re supported throughout your pregnancy right through to your birth and beyond.

Benefits of Yoga for pregnancy

  • keeps your body supple without straining
  • boosts energy
  • relieves stress and anxiety
  • relaxes and promotes restful sleep
  • can be used to relieve pain in your birthing experience
  • can relieve common ailments during pregnancy (e.g. swollen joints, heartburn, constipation)
  • can help you to bond with your unborn baby through breathing and visualisation techniques
  • allows you to meet other local mums for support and friendship

There is currently 1 yoga for pregnancy class a week at Aachen Hall King Cross – see classes tab for details. You will learn simple yet effective breath and relaxation techniques, yoga postures to manage common physical ailments, and visualisation practices to build confidence and assist in labour.

Please note that every session includes moderate exercise, with emphasis being on safety and appropriateness for you as a pregnant woman, and on the safety of your unborn child. I do not recommend excessive aerobic exercise, fast movements, inversions or jumping practices during pregnancy.

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